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samedi, juin 16, 2007

Pas vrai??

Voilà.Quelqu'un a dû faire quelque chose? Ainsi j'ai pris la photo de ce petit chaton qui est montée mon balcon ??? une nuit.


vendredi, février 23, 2007

Une photo mignon

Petite Mademoiselle Bella Amie

lundi, janvier 22, 2007

Mademoiselle Cécilia dit:


Vent de la nuit dit:

samedi, janvier 20, 2007

Scary stories by Lucia, Bellami and X

It all started one night when Bellami an Lucia went to play in the garden, just want to have some fun before sleep.

And so they run, and hide, jump and run, not knowing that some one was watching them from the dark. X was there, with out a sound or a move, watching them. I could only see the shine in his eyes, and wonder...who is there?

Bellami in one moment stopped running with Lucia and looked at me... Eyes were still there.

Lucia run to me sensing that someone was there except Bella and him. He run home. Didnt want to stay out no more. Was he scared? I dont know, but he wouldnt go out again.
Bellami is sensing that there is someone. She feelt cold chill on her spine and neck. WHO? Who is there? Where are you?

The dark is getting tighter, all you can see is shine from their eyes....Who is X???

She knew that if she would move, while those two were playing and running , she would be next they both would run. So she wached, and waited. And was a mistery all the way.

Do you know by the look on their faces what do they say?

Dont wake me , only if mom slice some mice for me. Only if that is I will move, otherwise....dont

Lucia is telling me this, in this episode:


Puffi by me, is saying, most of the time something like this:

Why? Why cant I put my claws in the furniture? Why? Why are you chase me to eat from that ugly something round, when I want to eat from the carpet? Why? Why do you scream when I bring the mouse that i personaly killed-to prove that I can provide for this familly?Why? Why do you put that wet thing on your face, it makes your fur ikky? Why?Why dont you have fur? Why I can lick your husbents hair, and your fur is so long? WHY? WHY?

Tell me that I am right.

What do you do, when there is a obstacle in front???

I have a good explanation, why I didnt write, and hopefully I do have a picture.... Bagira decided that after all the shocks, that he went thru (NYear and "bombs" exploding all around) he has a right to choose, where, when and how he will sleep... As you can see, he thinks that a place that is the best is where my keybord should be. I still didn`t learn how to type on my cat. So I didnt.

We are back, doing what we want as usual :)))

Lucia is doing the best in his trade... Posing for a medal :)))

The Big Grey is sleeping and garding the flovers...I guess

Bellami and Puffa, LOVE IS THE AIR...

Bagira is having a recreation on a door, like a true
sportcat :)))

Peca is making unbelievable poses...and hate the camera...

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dimanche, janvier 07, 2007

Chat connexion

Notre amie Mademoiselle Marie-Belle de Belgique!